• Press/News Release: same term (interchangeable)
  • The press is the audience in a news release
  • Big companies “flood the market” with press releases
  • News release is a tool used to communicate to journalists
  • Written from a bias standpoint (not objective)
  • Needs to be a credible news story in order to be taken seriously
  • Learning to write press releases is important for entry level jobs and internships
  • Short paragraphs, direct quotes, and conciseness is important
  • Being precise with the facts and details in your press release
  • News has to be the focal point of the news release
  • Emphasis the news value as the lead in the press release

Eddie Van Halen dies at 65 after cancer battle

The legendary guitarist lost his battle with cancer at the age of 65. His son posted on social media announcing the news. He made his mark on music and we will never forget that.

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Conan O’Brien reveals his new set was burglarized: ‘That’s the lowest’

Conan’s temporary set was broken into and was robbed of their laptops. The comedian joked about it saying, “I can’t think of anything lower”. Conan’s show is moving in July to support theaters in the pandemic.

Covid-19 is shaking up pop culture. Imagine what it’ll do to everything else.

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National Park Service interns unearthed fossils of a bizarre 220-million-year-old reptile

An “anteater” like reptile, said to be 220 million years old was found by a group of interns. The fossil shows that it was alive before dinosaurs arrived. Even that long ago, different species of animals lived like they do today.

‘Tiger King’ Pumpkin Weighing 2,350 Pounds Wins CA Contest

The monster pumpkin from Minnesota won California’s pumpkin weighing…